Our Services

Glidden Auto Body and Collision Centre offers its customers a diverse range of services which include:

Collision Services

When you get into a collision, trust us to help you through it. Our certified mechanics and service specialists are here to handle all of your repairs, including full body work, electrical and mechanical repairs. We are also here to work directly with your insurance company.

Car Body Work

When you get a dent or want to take care of unwanted rust, ask us about our Car Body Work. Where are here to address all of your auto body needs to ensure your car leaves our service center looking good as new.

Paint Services

The Collision Center offers custom paint services to address small and large paint jobs. From addressing scratches to repainting your entire vehicle, we are here to ensure your car looks perfect when you drive off the lot.

Full Service Detailing

Has it been a while since your car received a full detailing? By appointment only, we offer full internal detailing, which includes shampooing of all carpets and seats, truck vacuuming, rim cleaning and tire dressing..